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love-boys-with-tattooos said: Hi, I'm an inspiring tattoo artist. And I'm getting ready to start looking for apprenticeships. Do you have any advice for me??


I do. I like your plan to go to art school, I highly recommend it, remember tho skin is a medium and everybody has differing skin.

Do get a real apprenticeship, do not pay for one. Choose your shop and teacher carefully, not only does what you learn and how you learn it depend on it but how you are perceived by other artists may as well.

Don’t become a tattoo artist because it’s a “cool” job or you want to be rich. Do it because you are passionate, respectful, and have something to offer or contribute. Tattooing doesn’t need more employees it needs custodians and innovators. People who can uphold tradition and advance the craft, not rockstars.

Complete your apprenticeship! And stick around for a while, too many leave the nest too soon, there’s much more to learn than you think.

NEVER GIVE UP! EVER. Take your time, do it right and you will be a credit to the craft.

Good luck :)

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